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Emotional Imprint™ is an innovative K-12th grade curriculum in emotional literacy: the capacity to use emotions as a tool for understanding and problem solving.
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Emotional Imprint™ Comes To Street Squash

In 2012 we were given the opportunity to put Emotional Imprint™ into action, thanks to an organization called Street Squash, a Harlem-based youth enrichment program that combines academic tutoring with squash instruction and college preparation. During the summer of 2012, Street Squash invited us to design a pilot project for their middle school students.

For one week, we turned the Street Squash classroom into a microcosm of adult society. We assigned students “future selves,” complete with careers, incomes, and tax brackets. The 60 students discussed their feelings about their jobs and incomes in relation to their classmates’, calculated their taxes, learned how the government uses those taxes, and explored the perspectives of our political parties and candidates. They designed posters and made oral presentations. Studying current events, they discussed the importance of reading closely for context and understanding the perspective of others – “putting themselves in the other’s shoes.” 

Please watch our short video and learn more about the program from four of the students who participated.

In this summer program, we challenged the Street Squash kids to consider their unique emotional imprint, imagine the emotional experience of people from different backgrounds, talk TO rather than AT friends from across imaginary divides, and imagine new ways to effect social change. The work was engaging, the discussions lively, and the atmosphere fun.

Our collaboration with Street Squash continued over the next five years, with afterschool programs that served approximately 20 teenagers every semester. In 2015 we added an innovative internship for eight of our students. In 2016 our interns collaborated with students at Hunter High School to study the work of Nobel Prize nominee Dr. Vamik Volkan, interview him, and create the Divides e-book. Learn more.

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To continue bring Emotional Imprint™to Street Squash ... and beyond, we ask for your ongoing financial support. Your generous, fully tax-deductible contribution enables us to

  • design professional lesson plans and teaching aids
  • train teachers
  • document and enrich our classroom programs with multimedia
  • evaluate pilot projects such as the current one at Street Squash, and expand and adapt Emotional Imprint™ for other academic settings
  • publicize and present Emotional Imprint to educators, allied professionals, parent groups, and the public.

We hope you’ll take the time to view our campaign, share it with colleagues, educators and potential donors, and consider making a contribution of your own. No gift is too small ... or too large. With your help, Emotional Imprint™ can fulfill its mission: to educate, motivate, and enrich students by imagining the emotional experience of others. With your help, they can become engaged and empowered citizens of our country and the world. Thank you!

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