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We need your financial support.

To continue bringing Emotional Imprint™ to StreetSquash … and beyond, we ask for your ongoing financial support. Your generous, fully tax-deductible contribution enables us to

  • design professional lesson plans and teaching aids
  • train teachers
  • document and enrich our classroom programs with multimedia
  • evaluate pilot projects such as the current one at Street Squash, and expand and adapt Emotional Imprint™ for other academic settings
  • publicize and present Emotional Imprint to educators, allied professionals, parent groups, and the public.

We hope you’ll take the time to view our campaign, share it with colleagues, educators and potential donors, and consider making a contribution of your own. No gift is too small … or too large. With your help, Emotional Imprint™ can fulfill its mission: to educate, motivate, and enrich students by imagining the emotional experience of others. With your help, they can become engaged and empowered citizens of our country and the world. Thank you!

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Emotional Imprint is a project of Changing Our Consciousness, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.